Work from 17/4/2012

Posted: April 17, 2012 by lordhadrianus in Uncategorized

Over the last couple days, we realized our robot Steve did not work. Ron will now test the shield on another robot while Chuck is making the code for controlling the Pwm since we will not be using wheel encoders. Ron is testing the shield by using a digital multimeter. To control our Pwm completely, we must find the circumference of the wheels. We used the formula for the circumference of a circle which is pi x diameter. We used a ruler to estimate the tire’s diameter and it was about 6.5 centimeters. After we plugged 6.5 into the formula we found the circumference which is approximately 20.4 centimeters. Apparently, our robot does not work, but Ron has no idea why. We then discussed our project for our other class while Ron decided to take his shield home and remake it. Charles was successful in making the theory of the code, and then him and the other Programmers put it into the robot to test the code. We then ran out of time, so we could not finish the code. That was today’s work!


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