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Work from 26/4/2012

Posted: April 26, 2012 by lordhadrianus in Uncategorized

Today, we were given a basic agenda. We were told to have a code in our program that could move forward, turn right, turn left, and stop. Chuck has been working on this all class. Ron attached the sensors to Steve so now he can know where he is going by using readings from the infrared and ultrasound sensors. I, Bobzawald, had to write the general code for drawing a square on the board for all to see and I did it successfully. In the end, we completed our assignment very well. We shall post more videos of Steve quite soon.


Work from 17/4/2012

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Over the last couple days, we realized our robot Steve did not work. Ron will now test the shield on another robot while Chuck is making the code for controlling the Pwm since we will not be using wheel encoders. Ron is testing the shield by using a digital multimeter. To control our Pwm completely, we must find the circumference of the wheels. We used the formula for the circumference of a circle which is pi x diameter. We used a ruler to estimate the tire’s diameter and it was about 6.5 centimeters. After we plugged 6.5 into the formula we found the circumference which is approximately 20.4 centimeters. Apparently, our robot does not work, but Ron has no idea why. We then discussed our project for our other class while Ron decided to take his shield home and remake it. Charles was successful in making the theory of the code, and then him and the other Programmers put it into the robot to test the code. We then ran out of time, so we could not finish the code. That was today’s work!

Preparation of The Drawing of The Line

Posted: April 3, 2012 by lordhadrianus in Uncategorized

Hello fellow bloggers,

Sorry for my extended absence, but Bobzawald is back and ready for business. I was sick last week, but now I will be ready to update what we are doing in our class. For today, Ron is inspecting the robot, making sure it is ready to make some robotic art. Chuck is waiting for Ron to finish inspecting the robot, so he an work on the programming. In our other class, we had to make an algorithm for making our shape, and here are our first set of steps.


Steve is almost done!

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Ron in Uncategorized

Steve is in the final stages of development and only has a few things here and there to fix.



Steve is getting ready for a big assignment. The robot needs to draw a line in order to impress people from FAU.


Posted: March 30, 2012 by Ron in Uncategorized

Everything’s been going very well. Steve is now capable of drawing! Charles is just putting on the finishing touches on the code.


He’s coding outside.

Our Video Project on the Ultrasound Sensors

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Ron in Uncategorized

A brief explanation on ultrasound waves, one of the ways Steve is able to see.

Here are pictures of us!

Posted: February 14, 2012 by lordhadrianus in Uncategorized

Here are some pictures of us, but Chuck did not want his picture up so that is why he is not here.